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Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program at Fountain Gate Primary School is designed to develop students’ higher order thinking, creativity, imagination, curiosity, critical thinking, self-confidence and problem-solving skills. Classes are conducted in a supportive and enjoyable environment which encourages students to reach and achieve their artistic potential. 

Students are encouraged to experiment with materials, take risks, express and develop their own individual ideas as well as respect and appreciate diversity and other points of view.

Students have the opportunity to explore the various art media, developing specific skills and techniques, using the visual arts elements and principles.

The elements and principles of art are taught through innovative open ended activities, via the media of painting, drawing, printing, model making, collage, threads and textiles, pottery and construction. This program also includes the study of the history of art and its place in world cultures.

Students artwork is displayed around the school and at local art shows. Participation in relevant art competitions is actively encouraged and the annual school open night art exhibition provides students with the opportunity to share their work with their families and the wider community.


At Fountain Gate Primary School, the Science program is taught from Year 3 to Year 6. The program is designed to nurture students’ curiosity about the world around them.

Students are provided with the opportunity to develop an understanding of key science concepts whilst engaged in developmental, hands-on activities. The program covers the areas of Biological sciences, Physical sciences, Chemical sciences and Earth and Space Science.

The curriculum supports students in developing their scientific knowledge and skills in questioning, critical thinking and reasoning about the natural and physical world.

Performing Arts   &   Drama

Performing Arts and Drama are two seperate specialists at Fountain Gate Primary School. Performing Arts is a study of music and dance. At Fountain Gate Primary School students experience music education in grades Prep, 1 and 2. They gain knowledge and learn terminology such as beat, tempo, pitch and dynamics through listening, moving, singing, responding to and creating music. Students also experience dance through movement to music, dance lessons and learning a number of different dances during the year.

In Drama (also grades Prep ,1 and 2), students are involved in drama games, mime and acting out stories and situations. < More information on Drama coming soon! >

There are also opportunities for students to participate in our Biennial School Production (Grades 3-6), Choir (Grades 3-6) and to perform at Open Night and the Christmas Concert.

Physical Education

The Physical Education program focuses on health and fitness, performance, challenge and striving for improvement. Children are supported to work both independently and in teams. Key skills are developed through athletics, ball handling, gymnastics, minor sport and fundamental motor skills. The program provides opportunities for students to be introduced to a number of sports which can then be taken to interschool competition and possibly state level. All students are encouraged to develop and further their talents through links into community programs.

District Sport

Fountain Gate Primary School is a member of the Narre Warren District Sports Association (NWDSA) and competes in summer and winter lightning premierships in the following sports:

Soccer, tennis, basketball, cricket, football, teeball, netball and softball.

We also participate in district athletics and cross country carnivals. Students have the opportunity to try out for Victorian primary school teams and to represent our school at district, divisional, regional and state championships.


Maths in Action (Year 3-6)


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