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Fountain Gate Primary School

Growing and Learning together

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Our Vision

"Fountain Gate Primary School is a community of active, focused learners who share their curiosity, voice and expertise."

A message from the Principal

I would like to personally welcome you to Fountain Gate Primary School. 


I trust that your child’s educational journey will be rewarding and successful. Working together with families we can achieve success. At school, we build on the foundation laid by parents and we encourage parents and carers to become actively involved in school life. When parents and school staff are connected in partnership for the benefit of the students, amazing things can be achieved.

We have a strong emphasis on children’s safety and happiness, and a concerted effort is made to ensure that each child achieves to the best of their ability, especially in the “basics” of Literacy and Numeracy. The core purpose of a Primary School is to be the bridge from the home into the wider world, and to foster the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will help children succeed now and into the future. 


The entire staff of Fountain Gate Primary School works tirelessly and are committed to ensuring that all children’s academic, social and emotional needs are considered, planned for and met. We are dedicated to preparing our students for an unknown and unpredictable future.

The Primary School years are very special in the life of a child. The foundations that we build together, will have a profound influence on them as learners and as people.



Ilknur Moore


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