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Our History

Fountain Gate Primary School has deep roots in our local community. We can be traced back to 1889, when 'Narre Warren State School' located on Webb Street, opened to the public. 

In 1975 the school was moved to Cranbourne Road. Plans were made for a new Fountain Gate Primary School to be built around the corner from our current location, but ultimately it was decided the school would be located at Prospect Hill Road. Warrington Close was built on the original site.

In 1980, building on our current site had been completed and 'Fountain Gate Primary School' as we know it, began. The original site on Cranbourne Road remained in operation until 2001, when it was temporarily closed and reopened under another name. 

Fountain Gate Primary School is situated within the Fountain Gate Housing Estate, developed by Isador Magid in the 1960's.

The estate was home to many prototype housing styles, which can be viewed if you take a stroll around our location. It was also one of the first estates to incorporate connecting parklands.

Prospect Hill Road is listed in the City of Casey Heritage Scheme as being of local significance and possibly state significance as an innovative and imaginative housing development. Some individual houses also have Heritage listing. 

Did you know that the Fountain (part of our logo, and a sculpture on the corner of Tinks Road and Princes Highway, pictured above) was only turned on once when the estate was opened in the early 1970’s! The water went onto the highway which caused traffic problems! This became worse when the highway was widened, so it was never turned on again.

Our History in Pictures

Screen Shot 2020-09-03 at 11.24.11
FG plan.jpg
Fountain Gate Estate 1978.jpg

Fountain Gate Primary School would like to thank Heather Arnold from Casey Cardinia Libraries, the Berwick Mechanics Institute & Free Library and the Berwick Pakenham Historical Society

for their support in gathering information on our History. 

Some images are from the Pictorial History "Oak Trees and Hedges". Copies of this book can be borrowed or purchased from BMIFL

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