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2025 Foundation Transition

Your hub for everything Foundation (Prep) related at Fountain Gate Primary School!

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Ilknur Moore

I would like to personally welcome you to Fountain Gate Primary School. 


I trust that your child’s educational journey will be rewarding and successful. Working together with families we can achieve success. At school, we build on the foundation laid by parents and we encourage parents and carers to become actively involved in school life. When parents and school staff are connected in partnership for the benefit of the students, amazing things can be achieved.

We have a strong emphasis on children’s safety and happiness, and a concerted effort is made to ensure that each child achieves to the best of their ability, especially in the “basics” of Literacy and Numeracy. The core purpose of a Primary School is to be the bridge from the home into the wider world, and to foster the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will help children succeed now and into the future. 


The entire staff of Fountain Gate Primary School works tirelessly and are committed to ensuring that all children’s academic, social and emotional needs are considered, planned for and met. We are dedicated to preparing our students for an unknown and unpredictable future.

The Primary School years are very special in the life of a child. The foundations that we build together, will have a profound influence on them as learners and as people. Welcome!

Box of Crayons


What do Foundation Students do at school? What do the classrooms look like? What specialists are there? What time do they eat?

This video was designed to answer all of these questions and more! The Foundation Teachers wrote down everything that students do in a day, and then we went around and filmed it all so that you could see! Click the link below to watch the video, we're really proud of it!

Foundation Fact Sheets

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Chinese (Simplified)

Videos made just for you!

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Preparing for the First Day

Miss Ferguson explains what you can do to get your child ready for the first day of school.

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Bags, Lunchboxes and Drink Bottles

Mrs Bernau shows you the best type of lunchboxes, school bags and library bags, that will make adjusting to school life a breeze! Don't forget to label everything in case it gets misplaced!

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Foundation (Prep) Basics

Miss Boyle explains some of the basic things you will need to know about our routines, toileting, behaviour management and some other things!

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Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening. 

Libby Raven explains how we teach English in Prep at Fountain Gate.

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Otherwise known as 'play based learning', investigations is an integral part of our Prep program.

Mrs Raven explains what investigations involves.

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Number & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry, Statistics & Probability. 

Libby Raven explains how we teach maths in Prep at Fountain Gate.

Documents to take a look at


Bullying Prevention Policy

We have a very harmonious environment at Fountain Gate Primary School, but we won't say we've never had to tackle the issue of bullying. We take bullying very seriously here, and have protocols and procedures in place to effectively deal with it and ensure it is followed up regularly.

QKR Parent Guide

FGPS is a cashless school. While we use compass for most payments and fees, our Canteen operates through the QKR app. This guide explains how to install and find our school, as well as add your payment details so that you can order tasty lunches for your child right from your phone!

Wellbeing Policy

Developed in conjunction with the Bullying Prevention Policy, our Wellbeing Policy fosters a supportive and cooperative environment where students can be independent, optimistic and supportive, among many other things.

Parent Compass Guide

Compass is our way of communicating with parents, and also letting you communicate with your child's teacher. 
Among other things, you can view your child's report, pay for excursions, submit attendance notes and even update your personal details if you move or get a new phone number.

January Activities Calendar

Here are some things you can do with your child to help them get excited for school!

Want to Enrol?

Submit an enrolment enquiry, or fill out and hand in an Application Form -  and we will get in touch!

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